Soon - A Locality of 100 3-D Printed Homes

Austin getting a neighbourhood of 100 3-D printed homes in 2022
Loghin Eugeniu/Unsplash

We thought we'd seen it all and then came the homes of the future, resembling your everyday fairness face cream - basically a lump of oozing goop. 

Hang On, What's That?

100 3D-printed homes will be squeezed out of nozzles in Austin, USA in early 2022, creating the largest 3D-printed locality in America and perhaps the world. 

These umm, first set of prints, a JV between home construction company Lennar and 3D printing company Icon, will be an acid test for the technology. 

If the project attracts residents, it would signal that 3D printing is a viable solution to the home construction industry’s labor shortage and material issues.

How Does It Work? 

Icon’s 15 feet tall printers squeeze out layers of concrete like softy ice cream. In a week’s time, they can print the exterior and interior walls of a single floor, 2,000-square foot villa.

Don’t expect a big discount for buyers, though. According to Lennar, the 3D-printed homes will be priced similarly to other homes in the Austin area—a city recently described as the “capital of homes selling at super premiums.”

Stapling The Pages

Supporters of 3D-printed homes hope the technology’s cheaper building methods and more environment friendly assembly can offer solutions to the housing crisis and traditional construction’s carbon emissions.

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