Consolidation And Hybrid Working Good News For Real Estate

Market consolidation, hybrid working causing secular shift in real estate
Austin Chan/Unsplash

Real estate investments can be exciting, while also being a great way to diversify your portfolio but for a very long time, real estate has also been scary, as in with all the chaos in the market - who knows what lurks behind those doors?

Thankfully, that opaque dark mist has slowly started to lift and on cue, individual and institutional investors are interested in the sector again. 

The Big Shift

Before demonetisation, real estate was probably at the peak of its decadence with random launches, fly by night operators, big brand failures, missed deliveries, folks going in and out of jail, basically - you name it. 

And if you analyse the prices of any real estate firm in late 2016, early 2017, they were trading at a fraction of very quick liquidation value.

Then RERA and GST made their appearances, resulting in most unorganised developers being shut out of the sector, making way for the organised, reputed players. 

Per this CNBC TV18 story, 'that is not so much cyclical but it is more of a secular shift.'

Going Hybrid

A major new global trend due to COVID is the hybrid work environment, which is here to stay – a concoction of working from home and the office, and when productivity did not go down despite employees working from home, it led to a boost in property sales across metros, state capitals as well as tier 2/3 cities. 

As A Result?

A major chunk of ready to move in inventory has been absorbed and in the next year or two, property prices will begin moving upwards. 
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