5 Personal Finance Ideas For 2022

6 ideas to plan your finances better in 2022

The year end is a time when ridiculously outrageous things are quickly forgotten. 

Take for example this blurb, where we (perhaps with the most badly managed finances on the planet) are giving away money related advice. 🙈

Nevertheless, here are 5 highly credible actionable ideas to illuminate your financial future.

Pay off high-interest debt: There’s no better feeling than reading the morning Chai with a clear head, no high interest EMIs, and nothing on the plastic in your wallet. 💡 Home loans are cool though. 

Invest it: This new year, start an SIP, up your retirement contribution, buy some mutual funds or dip your feet into the ocean of stock buying. 💡 Real estate is also a solid investment. Try a starter home with a small EMI. 

Donate some. From Covid relief funds to needy orphans who look up to the world with hope, there are a lot of options where your money can bring a truck load of smiles. 💡 Take money receipts and get an income tax deduction. 

Tipping is awesome: An envelope with a thank-you note and a honey bee (INR 100) to your security guard, sweeper, liftman, parking attendant, food delivery chappie can go a long way, and...

Treat yourself: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating the end of what was undeniably a tough year. You’ve earned it.
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