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Good morning, the folks at IIT-Delhi have just created some really cool hardware and the best part is - it's rattle free. 

What is it: A BRB or Buckling-Restrained Brace is a sort of band-aid for constructed structures (buildings, bridges etc.), designed to make them earthquake resistant. 

Where can a BRB be used: In most constructed structures, to enhance their rigidity and make them earthquake-proof. 

✅ Pros: All steel durable components, on-site assembly and installation, post earthquake damage assessment, and easy replacement. 

❎ Cons: Not available on Amazon yet. 

✊ More power to our engineers. 

Rahul Mishra and Anuvab Chattopadhyay 


VCs Shift From Tech To Real Estate And Infra Projects

Funding Tech Ventures: What seemed like a piece of crisp, butterscotch chip loaded cookie up until yesterday has suddenly turned into a soggy, limp biscuit. 

And as a result, venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) funds are inclining more towards infrastructure and real estate in recent times.

💡 Altogether, funds invested close to USD5.3 billion in Indian firms in May 2022, which is 42% higher than May 2021.

How did we get here

May had 109 deals as compared to 66 in the same period last year. The focus has firmly shifted to the infrastructure and real estate sectors, with investors putting in USD1.7 billion in the space.

This signals a change of direction from 2021, which was all about technology and e-commerce deals.

This May also saw 14 big-ticket deals (above USD100 million), collectively touching USD3.9 billion - including Apollo Global’s infusion of USD750 million into the Adani Group-run Mumbai Airport.

What lies ahead?

More real estate or infra-centric investor plays for sure.

⚠ However, risks remain - rupee depreciation, higher inflation, oil prices and a potential COVID-19 wave again. 


Can Proptech Solve Nigeria's Tough Urbanisation Puzzle?

Per this recent report, 75% of Nigerians today are tenants in major cities across the nation. With a nationwide annual growth rate of 2.5%, the need for housing is apparent. 

And with the UN projecting a 2X Nigerian population by 2050, i.e. 400 million+ people, a critical question looms large - How to affordably house them all?

Where the issue lies

Just in case you're wondering, it's not about land mass; Nigeria is West Africa’s second-largest country with 923,768 square kilometres of land surface area. Yet, 51.96% stay in overpopulated cities and at present rates, this figure could keep doubling in 15-20 year cycles.

Other pertinent issues:

1️⃣ Breakdown of water supply, city transport, waste disposal, and electricity distribution systems.

2️⃣ Unavailability of affordable housing.

3️⃣ Skyrocketing rentals and housing prices in urban areas.

Can Proptech Help?

Nigerian proptech firms bagged a total of USD2 million in funding last year and pundits believe that the answer to the country’s urban woes lies in technology.

🌐 RentSmallSmall is based in Lagos and offers instalment rental payment options. It is a step towards affordability.

🌐 Seventh Space is building homes for average Nigerians by tapping under-utilized properties and unused plots. They’re already working on better building materials and factory-assembled production lines.

🌐 PropertyPro.ng is building a centralized database for more transparency in the market.

And they are not alone; proptech deals are increasing throughout Africa. The collaborative approach is working for stakeholders in construction, user experience, finance and other regulatory segments.

Bigger solutions

📌 Technology-driven private financing for customers, ensuring higher market liquidity, thereby balancing the market and enhancing affordability.

📌 Licensing of trained real estate agents as well, in line with the latest Government regulations. 


Weekend Conversation Starter

Sometimes, being an ace conversationalist at the weekend gig requires pushing the listener into the happy past. 

Start with: "Travelers and "Scooby Doo" fans eager to relive the magic of the movie adaptation can book a stay in the Mystery Machine thanks to Airbnb, which has turned the iconic mini bus into a mini home and you know what…

📅 From When: 16 June

💰 How Much: Only USD20 per night + taxes and charges. 

Image: Hogwash Studios 


200,000 English Properties At Risk Due To Rising Seas

Wait, What? 1/3rd of the English coast will be vulnerable to rising sea levels in future. 

Scientists are vehemently nodding their heads to signal that this is going to happen over the next few decades, while the Government has clarified that not every property can be saved.

Per this BBC report, the highest number of properties with flood risk is spread along the North West, South West and East Anglia. By 2050, around 160,000 properties will have to be relocated.

And that’s assuming just a 2C temperature increase by 2100. There are another 30-35,000 properties already marked with the risk tag.

The big issues

While barriers and embankments continue to be erected in London in response to rising sea levels, communities like Happisburgh are already at severe risk.

The crux of the dilemma lies in the insufficient funds available to safeguard every zone. Happisburgh is unlikely to get anymore funding for bulking up its defences amidst a rapidly-diminishing coastline.

💡 Fyi, Happisburgh represents the bigger picture that’s plaguing England. Action groups and campaigns have sprung up, but the future looks uncertain.

Folks are still hoping for a plan where the Government pays market prices for homes about to be swallowed by the sea. Last we heard, this was a 2009 strategy under the Pathfinder project.

What could happen?

The rest of the UK could follow the Pathfinder model. Northern Norfolk has got itself a £36 million Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme for buffer zones and is relocating people from high-risk land. 

More such programmes are expected in other zones throughout the country. 


But a question still looms large - climate change is a collective outcome of human actions over 4-5 decades or more. However, why are only people in coastal areas paying for it today?

📌 P:S: That last question was just for effect. Life is unfair. Deal with it. 

Have a great weekend. See you next week. 💚

☕ The Crew@Ginger Chai

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